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Aorangi Concrete Cutting works on commercial, industrial and residential projects. Their work has included hydro dams, bridges and utility networks.

Floor Sawing

Aorangi Concrete Cutting floorsaws are powered by either petrol or electric motors. Floor sawing is the most commonly used diamond cutting method and is used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as residential and commercial floor slabs, asphalt surfaces, concrete driveways and decorative cutting.tower

Handsawing Walls

Openings for windows or doorways in existing walls can be cut to your requirements by Aorangi Concrete Cutting, using either the Bar saw for thicker walls (up to 500mm deep) or the Hydraulic Hand saw (up to 200mm deep).

Track Saw
Aorangi Concrete Cutting can cut up to 300mm deep.

Core Drilling

Core drilling is used when precise, circular
holes are required. Holes from 20mm diameter to 500mm diameter can be made in brick,
concrete block, precast concrete, and concrete foundations using electric or hydraulic specialist drilling equipment.

core drill1